Lawsuit Update

1) John Tiedt has now officially taken 2 depositions of Heidi Diaz.

2) John Tiedt has now officially taken 1 deposition of Brandon Diaz

3) We have learned that while Heidi Diaz was profiting from Kimkins through the Women’s World surge et al, she was also still accepting payments and income from SSDI and Medicare.

4) Heidi Diaz is still currently making money and still in business, however we have acquired new information that affirms the belief towards her concealment of assets.

5) We have uncovered evidence of more fraud and false advertising.

6) Brian Pugh is not an attorney, but he is an employee of Bert Cottle, and Brian formed Sharp Plumbing LLC, Halcyon Web LLC and the Beauchamp Trust for Heidi Diaz.  John Tiedt plans to complete a deposition of Brian Pugh in the near future.

7) Bert Cottle has filed a demurrer that we are confident will fail.  In addition, Bert Cottle has put in a motion to set aside the writ of attachment that is in place on Heidi Diaz’s assets.  It is entirely up to the judge and she will hand down her decision after she has reviewed all of the court documents on 3/21/2008.


10 Responses to “Lawsuit Update”

  1. 2big4mysize Says:

    thanks for the update Jeanessa

  2. Mayberryfan Says:


    God bless you girl for all you’re doing! You’re my hero!!

  3. Watcher Says:

    Thanks, Jeanessa. The walls and courts are closing in on Heidi. Pugh’s deposition should be equally as interesting as the other 3. How many more depositions before we know the truth, the whole truth, and anything but the truth from Heidi?

  4. Kristena Says:

    Is there a way to join in this suit. I joined kimkins a year or more ago-I thought she was the low carb friends girl.

  5. Ex-Kimkinite Says:

    Thank you for the update!

  6. honeybeesblog Says:

    Jeanessa- Thank you so much for updating us all on the status of the legal proceedings. We are getting there girl! And I appreciate all your efforts in seeing Heidi Diaz brought to justice. John rawks as usual and we are fortunate to have him handling the case!

  7. Magicsmom Says:

    Thanks for the update, Jeanessa! March 21st will be a big day!

  8. ocean Says:

    Kristena if you click into this blog you will see info on joining the lawsuit to stop the con artist Heidi Diaz. Janessa hugs to you for keeping the pressure on! We need to bring down Kimkins so no one else suffers.

  9. Sammy Says:

    Thank you Jeanessa for your hard work. I know a lot is going on behind the scenes. Once it is all done it would be nice to read the whole story in print! You ducks rock…….and oh yes, Heidi Diaz…… you are a money sucking pig. I work hard for my money and get incensed when I hear about pigs like you that suck off the system that I and MOST Americans pay into. You are an embarrassment to the human race.

  10. Kimkins Lawsuit Review- « HoneyBee’s Blog Says:

    […] Lawsuit Update […]

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