We Need You!

It was suggested that I start a blog in order to include pertinent information regarding the Kimkins.com class action lawsuit that is being organized.  It is vital that a significant number of people who signed up/paid for Kimkins.com come forward to participate as representatives in the lawsuit in order for us to see “Kimmer” come to justice.

Participation only requires that you submit your legal contact information and financial information (proof that you paid).  

You will not have to show up in court. 

You will not have to pay a dime. 

You do not have to be banned. 

This lawsuit is not about being banned.  It is about the true identity of “Kimmer” and the fraudulent claims that were made in Kimkins.com advertising, along with the dangers of the diet and medical advice given through Kimkins.com. 

The attorney who is investigating this case is John E. Tiedt, a great consumer fraud attorney based in Riverside, CA, who can be reached via the following:




If you would like to be a representative in this case, please e-mail me the following at kimkinslawsuit@yahoo.com:

1.) Your legal contact information, including full name and mailing address.

2.) A telephone number(s) where you can be reached between the hours of 11am – 8pm EST. (If you can not be reached before 5pm EST, specify that in your e-mail.

3.) The amount that you paid to Kimkins.com

4.) The approximate date that you paid Kimkins.com

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


8 Responses to “We Need You!”

  1. Mir Says:

    I wish you well, Jeanessa. You got cojones, and I like that. While I didn’t lose money or health to Kimkins, others did, and they deserve to see the scammer brought to justice.

    If some folks can get refunds, EVEN BETTER.

    Go, J, go!

  2. PrivateEyez Says:

    Thanks for all the time your putting into this Jeanessa, and making this site. Much appreciated by many.

  3. Sussieq Says:

    please check your e-mail.

  4. karen Says:

    I sent you all my information and would be happy to forward copies of posts from other members about how they feel scammed by this fraud. I can’t wait to see what the lawsuit and IRS does to Heidi “the Liar” Diaz!!

  5. MrsA Says:

    Thanks for doing this Jeanessa!

  6. Di Says:

    I saw you on “The Mike and Juliet Show”, and I commend you on your fight for justice. I, too, was banned from a weight loss website because I asked too many questions and needed proof of the main moderator’s weight loss other than what she was writing about. Then I made a few comments in the open forums to discuss the strict guidelines they had on that website.

    It was called LWWF, Losing Weight With Family, headed by Barbara Summerville and Denise Hammad back in 2005. Then I found out they closed the website and the group split up. I was hesitant going on another online weight loss group, but the next one proved to be very positive. There were no specific guidelines, just a lot of uplifting positive support. I did stay with them for a little over a year, then I saw that Barbara Summerville joined that group. I stopped going to that website and started to lose weight on my own. I didn’t tell anyone from that group anything about her, but they still have me as a member to this day. I do get occasional e-mails from a couple of members for accountability. And I still receive monthly e-mails. It saddens me that people like Heidi Diaz and Barbara Summerville can sabotage a person’s life and health.

    Good Luck! And I’ll be rooting for you.

  7. joy Says:

    Before shelling out the $60, I tried looking around for free information but there were so many links leading to people who were “affiliated” with kimkins that I gave up. I Fell hook line and sinker for the article and photos posted in women’s world magazine. They are the ones I blame the most. Without their publishing the article, so many people would not have been duped. I have been having difficult time accessing my paypal account or I would have already requested a refund. I have been undergoing treatment for breast cancer and the medications have altered my memory so much I cannot recall my paypal password.

  8. Ruth Says:

    Thank you for doing what needs to be done.

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